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Gender-Based Violence

Gender-Based Violence

Gender-Based Violence

About The Gender-Based Violence Unit

Our program provides key services for survivors of gender-based violence. These services are termed, “minimum package.”

These services are,

  • Clinical Services:
    – We support rapid HIV testing with referrals fo care and treatment as appropriate.
    – If a survivor of rape gets to a health care facility that we support within 72 hours, s/he is offered Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to prevent HIV.
    – Screening/testing and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections.
    – Counseling (other than counseling for testing, PEP, STI).
    – In the seventy-four health facilities we support across FCT, Nasarawa, Kastina and Rivers State, designated GBV focal persons link and refer clients to the police, for mental health counseling/psychosocial, and other services. To ensure that all GBV cases are captured, screening and counselling services are offered at different points in health facilities, like antenatal care, pediatrics, HIV clinics, gynecology wards amongst others.
  • Referrals for non-clinical services such as, legal counsel, longer-term psychosocial support (eg. peer support groups), involvement of law enforcement officials and child protection services where applicable.

Staff of the Institute embark on a road walk to create awareness on Gender-based violence in Central Area, Abuja  

  • Community Services: For timely and effective GBV services, we support five Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in Federal Capital Territory, Nasarawa, Rivers and Katsina states to provide Gender-based Violence Services.
    These CBOs include, Daughters of Abraham in the Federal Capital Territory. Adolescent Action Pact in Karu, Nasarawa State, Widows and Orphan Empowerment Program (WEWE) in Rivers State, and Community Information Initiative Center for Women in Lafia, Nasarawa State.They are funded to provide community awareness and sensitization to key stakeholders,identification and timely referrals for services by all survivors

Gender-Based Violence Team